Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Perfect Little Getaway

I am not long back from a trip to Kielder Water with my boyfriend, Jake. This was a change of setting from our usual holiday. Nonetheless, it was so us! Our love for exercise and the outdoors made us decide on a cycling holiday, where we could venture away into the wilderness. Deciding on somewhere to stay was very difficult because everywhere was so damn cute, it was impossible to pick just one. If it were up to me I would have spent a night at each little place. We wanted to have the experience of camping outdoors but also the comforts of home. After countless links were sent back and forth we decided on ''PoSHHuts'', its glamping style meant that it was the perfect balance.

Our garden overlooked a picturesque woodland area. It was so peaceful and every morning we woke to the sound of lambs in the fields and birds in the trees. This was a pleasant change from the bustle of traffic and sirens of the city. We never got to use our outside fire pit due to the weather (typical Britain!), yet the wood burner within the hut meant that after a hard day of cycling around the Reservoir in the rain we always had a cosy spot to come back to. 

One of the highlights of my time away was our trip to Kielder Observatory. Kielder is known for having some of the darkest skies in Europe and the third largest protected Dark Sky reserve in the world. This provides the perfect opportunity to star gaze especially in winter, when nights are darkest. The "Aurora night" which we had booked onto began at 11:55pm so we had a quick nap beforehand.  Out of all the nights we were in Kielder, by sheer luck, we had booked the only one with clear skies. As a result we were able to see Saturn, The Milky Way, Andromeda and loads more through the telescopes. I found this experience surreal as it is one thing seeing a picture of Saturn in a book or online but to see it for yourself was incredible! Jake and I are already planning our trip back in Winter to see more of the night skies. If nothing else works out for me then I can always become an astronomer, right?

Despite the fact that it has been two days since we cycled the 27 miles around the Reservoir and my legs are still hurting, our trip to Kielder was the perfect little getaway. It combined my love of nature and space with my new found love of cycling up huge hills.  It was a good change to be outdoors and in technological isolation, with no wifi or phone signal. My favourite bit was that I got to experience this with my best friend. #cringe



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